Pickleball! According to Jennifer Pesetsky an online couples coach who wrote an article for The Gottman Institute on February 1, 2021

A game you say? Yes, a shared hobby is pivotal. The three-step flow for a healthy, happy life is: Fight Fairly, Strengthen Yourself, and Strengthen Your Relationship. 

Fight Fair:
Be sure to use a softened startup when conflict arises. An example may be something like, “You never remember our Anniversary” instead phrase it, “Honey, our anniversary is coming up next week and I was hoping to do something special with you!”

Strengthen Yourself:
Come up with a daily self-care plan, just a short realistic list. Something like, quiet time devotions with coffee, exercise, put on a cute outfit, think positively, and drink 60 oz of water. Be sure to adjust as needed!

Strengthen your relationship:
The third step to a healthy, happy, partnered life is to continuously strengthen your relationship. Develop a shared hobby like Pickleball, having a new pursuit together gives the relationship new energy! Here at Redfish Harbor, we have two brand new pickleball courts. This sport is great for all ages, you’ll get exercise, you’ll laugh, it doesn’t cost a dime and you’ll enjoy spending quality time together!

Fight fairly. Strengthen yourself. Strengthen your relationship. Play Pickleball!

Link to learn more about Pickleball https://usapickleball.org/what-is-pickleball/

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