Dear Redfish Homeowner,

As we wrap up 2021, we’re providing an update on a handful of items that we know you’re all curious about. Going forward, you can expect to receive more regular communications, and as always, should you have a question or concern, you can field that request to



Soffit Mildew

The Redfish Harbor home is a modern take on a coastal craftsman design which includes elements such as exaggerated roof decks and exposed rafter tails. A custom look that we typically see on higher end homes. That said, this sloped design, combined with the salty sea air at Redfish Harbor, has proven to be an area that is susceptible to the growth of mildew. Soffit mildew will be an on-going undertaking that the Redfish homeowner will need to tackle as part of your regular home maintenance strategy. In speaking with several experts, it is recommended that mildew is soft washed from your home on an annual basis and by a professional who is familiar with this process. The soft wash process is a multi-step process where a house cleaning solution is combined with a very reduced chlorine solution. The house is then pre-wet, sprayed with cleaning solution, and then a final and low powered (300-400 PSI) rinse is applied (so as not to damage siding, eaves, or windows). The anticipated cost of a soft wash can range anywhere from $150 to $250, for those hard-to-reach soffit and eave areas.

In an act of good faith, aDoor Properties will be offering a complimentary, one-time, soft wash in those areas where the mildew is present, to all our current Redfish Homeowners. We have identified a professional who is familiar with the soft wash process and will be reaching out soon with information on when they will be in the neighborhood to complete this work.


Redfish Harbor Amenities

If you’re currently living at Redfish Harbor, then you’ve got a front seat to all the activity that is currently taking place within the amenities area. We are very excited that things are in full swing and hope that you are as well. While we anticipated that this work would be complete by the end of 2021, the external environment (which has globally impacted the world of construction) had other plans. Due to resin production shortages (fiberglass), some important pieces of pool equipment were significantly delayed which in turn halted production of the pool. Because the pool is the first item to be installed, as it dictates the elevation for other key elements within the amenities area, this delay impacted and slowed the entire project. While we cannot at this time outline a specific date for completion of the amenities, we are comfortable saying that by late spring, you should be relaxing by the pool or enjoying a game of pickleball.


Boat Slips and Docks

Good news on this front! But first, let me provide a little background. When we first purchased Redfish Harbor, we were under the impression that there were a very limited number of boat slips that could be installed (approx. 8) off of the existing dock. Upon further researching, we discovered that the Redfish Harbor development had previously been approved for a dock that could accommodate 48 boat slips. We knew immediately that this was something we should further explore as it would allow many more Redfish Harbor residents the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful waters just outside their front door. It took a few months to work through the details related to making this change, but in the summer of 2021, we submitted our State and Federal permit applications, requesting approval for the 48 slips. Unfortunately, because Hurricane Sally destroyed much of our area in the fall of 2020, any regulatory agency or process associated with the permitting of boat docks and/or slips have been inundated with permit requests. What was previously a 2-3 month permitting process, has turned into an 8–10-month process.

However, although never a guarantee until it’s done, we are confident that our permits for Redfish Harbor will be approved, and we just received an update that the DEP (Florida Department of Environment Protection) should have their permitting review completed by the 2nd or 3rd week of January. In follow-up to that, there is typically a 3–4-month window of time where any identified deficiencies are addressed. Once that is complete, construction can begin. In the meantime, we are working with a local dock contractor to complete all required due diligence so that work can begin as soon as we receive the green light from the DEP.

We realize that many of you are anxious to know more and we are committed to keeping you updated. As permitting milestones are achieved, we will provide additional updates, including a more specific timeline for completion.


Homeowners Association (HOA) Update

The Redfish Harbor HOA is currently being managed by the Developer (aDoor Properties) but will be turned over to the residents of Redfish Harbor once 90% of the homes within Redfish Harbor have been conveyed to its homeowners. We anticipate that this will take place sometime in late 2022. Once the HOA has been conveyed, every homeowner within Redfish Harbor will be considered a member of the Association and will have voting rights. Additionally, a Board of Directors will be appointed and or voted in to assist in the management of the association.

Just prior to conveyance of the HOA, you can expect to receive a communication from Ethridge Property Management Group (whom the Developer is currently partnered with) outlining the process for conveyance and for the appointment of the Board of Directors.



Thank you for your time and wishing you all a very happy New Year!


Lauren Holstman

Vice President, aDoor Properties