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Have you ever thought of building a custom waterfront home? Let’s introduce you to the team that designed Redfish Harbor!

We partnered with Good Foundations when conceptualizing the look and feel of Redfish Harbor and love the modern aesthetics that they provided for this development. If your dreams of waterfront living expand beyond the Egret, Heron, or Osprey plans, the team at Good Foundations can facilitate the concept to completion of your dream home.

Our Process

Our Design Process beings with you. With an understanding of your desires, we develop a Custom Design built around how you live and experience your home and then bring that design to life.

At the start of each project, we meet with you to discuss your wants, needs, and Architectural style preferences while also considering your budget, your functional and usage goals, and the permitting process of the local area. We consider all local codes, homeowner’s association regulations, and requirements of architectural review boards prior to beginning the design process.

We develop your construction documents through a process that is broken into phases, allowing us and the client to cover all details of the project prior to finalizing the design and proceeding with the construction/permit document phase. We work together with builders, engineers, truss designers, and other construction professionals to produce a final construction document and permitting package for your project.  We also aid in matching clients with a builder of choice when one has yet to be selected for a build. 

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About Good Foundations

Whether you are building your first home, your forever home, or doing a renovation or addition, Keith and Tonua of Good Foundations, Inc. provide thorough service with the highest level of client satisfaction as their goal. Their design firm has over 30 combined years of experience working in the field of residential and commercial architecture throughout the Gulf Coast and Central Florida, in addition to multiple out-of-state projects. Their experience includes working directly with individual clients as well as builders and developers on large scale residential projects. The husband-and-wife team have a passion for design and construction detailing, allowing them to work hand-in-hand with their client and homeowner throughout the design process.

At Good Foundations, Inc., all designs are developed using 3D modeling software. This allows clients to visualize in real time how they will live and work in their new home before construction begins. This interactive and immersive design process allows for adjustments to the design that can sometimes be missed when working via 2D drawings. With a multi-faceted focus on design, style, and construction, Good Foundations, Inc. walks their clients through each step of the process to achieve their clients’ goals while building a relationship-focused team; that teamwork approach remains throughout the permitting and construction phases. Keith and Tonua will continue to coordinate with permitting jurisdictions, engineers of record, as well as builders and contractors to ensure the project results in a successful build.