Dear Redfish Homeowner, We’re excited to announce that the Redfish Harbor (RFH) amenities will officially be open tomorrow, Tuesday, June 28th at 7am. Much appreciation for your patience as this undertaking took longer than anticipated, but we hope that you’ll find it was well worth the wait.  
Please be sure to follow our Redfish Pool and Amenities Guidelines, which will be sent out in a more formal document within the next few weeks:

  • Swim at your own risk. There are no lifeguards on duty at any time  
  • For safety reasons, no more than 26 swimmers allowed in the pool at a time
  • Hours of operation are from 7am to 7pm
  • The amenities area is reserved only for the use of Redfish Harbor owners, long term tenants (6 months or more), and their guests (short term renters are considered “guests”). Owners/tenants are responsible for the conduct of their guests and are limited to 3 guests allowed in the amenities area, per home. Should you wish to host more than 3 guests, you must request prior approval – at least 24 hours in advance – and all requests should go to our RFH Property Manager, Cheryl Kelly at
  • Any damages to the amenities area by owners/tenants/guests are subject to FL Statute 718 – fining guidelines, $100 per day up to $1,000 per violation
  • No running, diving, or other unsafe behavior will be allowed in the pool area
  • Children under the age of 12 are only permitted to use the pool under adult supervision
  • Babies and toddlers 3 years of age or under, must wear swim diapers. Non-swim diapers are not allowed in the pool
  • No pets are to be admitted to the amenities area at any time unless they are a service animal and are outfitted with identifiable service animal equipment
  • Smoking is not allowed within the amenities area
  • Under no circumstances will glass containers of any kind be allowed within the amenities area
  • Alcohol is prohibited in the amenities area
  • Food is allowed as long as it is snack type foods – i.e., cookies, chips, fruit and is not consumed on the wet deck area
  • Trash cans are provided in all restroom areas as well as high traffic areas. All trash brought into the amenities should be disposed of properly
  • The fireplace located in the pavilion area is a wood burning fireplace. Firewood is not provided. The fireplace can only be used by homeowners 18 years of age or older. A metal ash bucket and shovel set will be on site within the week and all wood and ash should be removed from the fireplace and properly disposed of after each use of the fireplace. A large metal trash can will be placed in the pavilion area to be used only for the disposal of ash 
  • Entry gates should be latched after entry and exit
  • Safety equipment is for emergency purposes only
  • Cleaning equipment and supplies should only be used by staff hired to clean the amenities area

Note – should you observe someone not adhering to one or more of the above rules, please do not engage and instead contact Cheryl Kelley at

Other updates:

  • HOA Dues. Now that the amenities are complete, residents can expect to see an increase in HOA dues beginning the month of August. The budget is still being refined, but will be shared with you in the upcoming weeks, and will not exceed the guidelines that were established in the Declaration of Covenants, – which were provided to you prior to closing. 
  • Short Term Rentals. We’ve received a number of questions re. Short Term Rentals and whether or not there are any special rules/regulations in how these are being managed within the RFH development. This request has come from both residents that live in RFH full-time, as well as those owners that are using their property as an investment property – all of whom are seeking clarity. That said, we are working with our legal counsel to determine a set of guidelines so that all residents and their guests can exist peacefully within the development. We will be sharing these specifics over the next few weeks with all RFH homeowners so that everyone is aware of what is expected. In the meantime, should you have a question or concern, you can connect directly with or
  • Boat Slips. The lease survey, which specifies water easement access and requirements, is being finalized this week and will be submitted to residents within a 500 ft radius of the proposed boat slip. From there, residents have 30 days to respond with questions/comments, and then the DEP has another 60 days to approve the permit. Pending all goes well with these next steps, we could have a permit by the end of the summer and will immediately begin building. Unfortunately, we have no control over this process, but are pushing where we can to get answers and to ensure things are steadily moving forward. As soon as we have a permit in hand, we will reach out to those who have boat slips on reservation to begin next steps for purchase. As for the actual build out of the boat slips, our contractor is on standby and has stated that the build process will take approximately 3 months from start to completion.